A cocktail flavoring with a profile similar to Cordial Médoc, which originated in Bordeaux in 1878. Prepared with wine and cognac, it had a rich, fruity character. Cordial Médoc became unavailable after the 1950s, however production has recently resumed in France but distribution is limited to Europe. Our Médoc Bitters is an unsweetened, concentrated version. It can be used in the preparation of vintage cocktails such as the Lotus Blossom, the Montigni, the Katinka and the Grand Bretagna. 
10 botanical ingredients     Introduced  Mar 2014

San Francisco Cocktail Bitters are available in 5 fl oz bottles with "dash" control
A cocktail flavoring patterned after a bitters of the same name which was produced by Hoffheimer Bros. in Cincinatti, Ohio from 1866 to the end of the 19th century. This in turn was based on similar bitters which were produced in the Swabian region of Bavaria. They were prepared with gentian root and other herbs, the rinds of oranges and lemons, as well as a fruit medley of cherries, currants, blackberries and plums. Our Bavarian Bitters can be considered a very special addition to the mixologist's shelf of cocktail additives.
       17 botanical ingredients         Introduced Apr 2017
A cocktail flavoring with a profile similar to the original Khoosh Bitters, a British proprietary tonic that was produced in the late 1800s, although it was never imported into the United States. Based on the medicinal lore of India, its main ingredient was Swertia chirata, an herb of the gentian family. Promoted as an appetizer and digestive, Khoosh Bitters was also used in cocktails, namely the Monkey Island and the Marion. ​
19 botanical ingredients     Introduced Mar 2013
A cocktail flavoring patterned after the Italian aperitif Fernet-Branca®, which was created by Bernandino Branco in Milan in the year 1845. Today there are a number of fernet brands produced in Italy. Our concentrated, unsweetened Fernet Bitters is a handy source for a adding a dash of amaro to cocktails. It can be used in such drinks as the Toronto, the Fanciulli, and the Hanky Panky.
29 botanical ingredients    ​​Introduced Apr 2017

A concentrated, unsweetened cocktail flavoring patterned after Alkermes di Firenze, which was originally produced at the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella in Florence at the time of the Medici Family. It was heavily flavored with spices, with added floral waters. Our Alchermes Bitters can be used to add a typical Italian dessert flavor to after-dinner cocktails. It can also be used to flavor Tuscan style desserts such as Zuppa Inglese, the Italian version of English Trifle. 
6 botanical ingredients     Introduced Feb 2015     

A cocktail flavoring patterned after the original violet-flavored Crème Yvette®, which was first produced in the 1890s in Connecticut. Its name was a tribute to the American popularity of French chanteuse Yvette Guilbert. During the mid 1900s the liqueur was featured in various cocktails, including the popular Blue Moon. Our unsweetened Violette Bitters can be used in various drinks calling for Crème Yvette®.
9 botanical ingredients     Introduced Oct 2015