A cocktail flavoring patterned after Boonekamp of Magbitter, which originated in Leidschendam, Flanders in 1815. Aromatic, spicy and mildly licorice-like, it was to become the most popular digestive throughout Holland and Germany. In the saloons of 1890s San Francisco, its use was de rigueur in a "gin and bitters". Our concentrated Boonekamp Bitters can also be used for the preparation of present-day cocktails and shooters popular in Europe, such as Guido's Cocktail, Shot-In-The-Knee, and Meine Rettung (My Salvation).         20 botanical ingredients        Introduced May 2012
San Francisco Cocktail Bitters are available in 5 fl oz bottles with "dash" control
A cocktail flavoring​ with a profile similar to that of the original Yerba Buena Bitters, which was produced in San Francisco from 1870 to 1920. It was prepared from an herb of the mint family which grew in abundance around the Bay Area, and which the mission fathers named yerba buena. A great "secret" addition to classic cocktails like the Bostonian, Cooperstown, Dinah, Harry's Cocktail and the Tipperary, as well as juleps and mojitos.
12 botanical ingredients     Introduced May 2012

A cocktail flavoring with a pungent ginger profile similar to the original Jamaica Ginger Extract which was produced in America from the late 1800s into Prohibition. It was used in the production of "Ginger Jake" during Prohibition, a product which also included a toxic ingredient. This triggered the demise of Jamaica Ginger Extract itself. It was formerly used in such cocktails as the Jamaica Ginger, the Hot Deck, and the Here's How.   Alcohol 50% vol. 
11 botanical ingredients     Introduced May 2012
Patterned after the engelwurz liqueurs that were a specialty of the Saxony region in Germany in the late 1800s, our Angelica Bitters is prepared with both the root and the seed of the angelica plant, whose fresh stalks are candied for use by European pastry chefs. A rich complex of other botanicals, including Spanish saffron and rare ambrette seed, completes the spectrum of this fantastic cocktail ingredient. Adds an elegant European note to new and original drinks.            
14 botanical ingrerdients     Introduced  Feb  2013
A cocktail flavoring with a profile similar to Green Chartreuse® Liqueur. A concentrated, economical replacement which is unsweetened, allowing for greater control over the sweetness level in cocktails. Six dashes Green Carthusian Bitters approximates the unsweetened flavor of one ounce Green Chartreuse® liqueur. Use in classic cocktails like the Emerald, the Green Ghost, the Hague, Champs Elysées, Katinka, and numerous other drinks.​
20 botanical ingredients     Introduced Feb 2013
A cocktail flavoring patterned after the original Litthauer Stomach Bitters, which originated in Berlin in 1864. It was introduced into America some years later, packaged in an opaque white glass "case gin" bottle. Widely distributed and successful, it was produced until the early years of the 20th century. Our Litthauer Bitters is extremely aromatic with a bold, complex spice profile which closely approximates that of the original. For use in cocktails wherever aromatic bitters are called for. 
13 botanical ingredients     Introduced April 2016