San Francisco Cocktail Bitters are available in 5 fl oz bottles with "dash" control
A cocktail flavoring with a profile nearly identical to the original Plantation Bitters, one of the more successful brands produced during the patent medicine era. Developed in 1860 by Patrick Henry Drake, it was "a wonderful vegetable restorative containing a mixture of herbs laced with St. Croix rum". Its distinctive bottle featured log cabin sides with a tiered roof. Use our Plantation Bitters to add a unique note to rum based cocktails.
17 botanical ingredients     Introduced Jun 2016
An unsweetened  cocktail flavoring with a profile nearly identical to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which was introduced in the 1850s. Hostetter's was advertised everywhere - on bridges, barns, fences, trees, large boulders, even on the sides of farm animals! It was destined to become the most successful bitters of the patent medicine era. It was also one of the first bitters to be used in cocktails. This is a must-have item for any mixologist seeking to complete his collection of defunct bitters.
16 botanical ingredients     Introduced Oct 2013
A cocktail flavoring patterned after the "Balsam of Herbs" created in the year 1786 by pharmacist Abraham Kunzes in Riga, Latvia. It is still made today, as Riga Black Balsam. Our Latvian Balsamic Bitters is concentrated and unsweetened. Its complex herbal character, remarkably similar to the original, is heavy and balsamic, with hints of berry. A unique ingredient for the inventive mixologist.
33 botanical ingredients      Introduced Feb 2014
A concentrated, unsweetened cocktail flavoring patterned after Toni-Kola, a bittersweet wine-based aperitif which was produced in the early 20th century in France by the makers of Secrestat Bitters. Its main ingredient was the nut of the kola tree, shipped from Conakri, French Guinea. It was advertised as "the family aperitif which assures strength and health". Our Kola Bitters will find use as a unique ingredient for the advanced mixologist.              
18 botanical ingredients     Introduced June 2013

A concentrated, unsweetened cocktail flavoring with a profile similar to Benedictine® Liqueur. A handy and economical replacement, which can be used to prepare vintage cocktails such as the Cabaret, the Frisco, the Monkey Gland, the Sterling and the Mule Hind Leg. To approximate one ounce Benedictine® Liqueur, use 1 tsp Benedict Bitters plus 2 tsp bar  syrup plus 1/2 oz brandy.         
35 botanical ingredients      Introduced Nov 2013

A cocktail flavoring with a profile similar to the original Khoosh Bitters, a British proprietary tonic that was produced in the late 1800s, although it was never imported into the United States. Based on the medicinal lore of India, its main ingredient was Swertia chirata, an herb of the gentian family. Promoted as an appetizer and digestive, Khoosh Bitters was also used in cocktails, namely the Monkey Island and the Marion. ​
19 botanical ingredients     Introduced Mar 2013